Christmas and Millennium Overview

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Christmas 1999 see a whole host of Christmas goodies available for the collector – along with just as many (actually more) Millennium collectibles. We featured a number of these collectibles in previous issues of the WCN Magazine has a list of the majority of what is available on the collectables front.

This feature looks at some of the toys that are available.

If you didn’t know the hot toy this Christmas is Pokemon. Previous years have seen Furbys, Toy Story, Teletubbies, and Cabbage Patch Dolls all take top spot.

So far no one Pokemon toy has caught the attention but the range as a whole is selling well. Trading cards though are proving popular.

Britney Spears Dolls have also been tipped by a number of stores to hit the Number One spot (pictured right). Other dolls to look out for are Generation Girl Barbie and the Millennium version called Princess Barbie in a navy and silver ball gown.

Other contenders for the Top Ten include: Star Wars, Flat Eric, Alien Eggs, WWF Wrestling figures, Jellikins, Tech Deck, and Bounce Around Tigger which was a hit last year and now has to contend against Talking Pooh and Walking Baby Pluto!

And of course Beanie Babies with Ty’s The End bear (pictured above left) looking to be most sought after. Disney and Warner Bros have also brought out beanies for Christmas and the Millennium – many of these have already sold out. The Xmas sets also included variations in different countries and country exclusives.

The Warner Bros Millennium set includes all the main characters – Scooby Doo, Taz, Marvin, Tweety, Sylvester and of course Bugs Bunny in party hats ready for New Years Eve (pictured right).

The Disney 2000 beanies include Mickey, Donald and Goofy (pictured left).

Actually most of the beanie ranges have specials of some sort or another!

Naturally the Millennium is being used to great marketing advantage by manufacturers and this year sees many traditional toys taking on a Millennium mantle including: Millennium Scrabble, Millennium Trival Pursuits, and Millennium Monopoly.

Hasbro has released a Millennium Action Man Astronaut equipped with Millennium Countdown watch.

Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Toys!

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