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Norah Wellings Harry the Hawk
Collecting Articles and Features

Norah Wellings Dolls

Norah Wellings Dolls – Norah Wellings was a British toymaker and designer, well known for her cloth dolls. We take a brief look at her career and at her unique dolls along with some doll values. Norah was born in Shropshire in 1893 and began her career as a milliner’s […]

Pot Lid Shakespeares House Henley St Stratford on Avon
Collecting Articles and Features

Shakespearean Pot Lids

Of the approximately 360 known Shakespearean Pot Lids designs a number feature scenes related to the life and works of William Shakespeare. These Shakespearean Pot Lids include locations relevant to Shakespeare’s life: The room in which Shakespeare was born; Anne Hathaway’s house; and Shakespeare’s house on Henley Street in Stratford […]