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What’s it Worth is a Free Antiques & Collectables Price Guide dedicated to providing historic and up-to-date auction results and prices on antiques, collectibles, toys, teddy bears, dolls, memorabilia, ephemera etc.

In addition to the price guide, the channel also features analysis, backgrounds, and in-depth information on a massive range of collecting topics. Our Collecting Features section also includes values and prices. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just getting started, What’s it Worth is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in antiques and collectibles. Thanks for reading!

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Classic D&D Modules A Collector’s Guide to AD&D S1-S4 Modules

In the annals of tabletop role-playing games, few series have captivated and challenged players like the S-Series modules of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D S1-S4 Modules). Released between 1978 and 1982, these four adventures—Tomb of Horrors (S1), White Plume Mountain (S2), Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (S3), and The Lost […]