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Goebel Birds Part 2

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As we go on, the details of the birds get finer and finer. Picture #14 has a rooster that I would think most rooster collectors would “kill” for. Next to him is a strange looking owl.

Look at the detail in picture #15 depicting flamingoes and a stork. Now all my readers know where babies really come from. Yes, the Stork, dummy.

Picture #16 begins with the Mandarin Duck and the Canadian Goose.

Picture #17 features birds of prey such as hawks and an owl.

Look at the proud pigeon in picture #18. And I always thought pigeon chested meant shallow but this guy’s really sticks out like he just pooped on a famous statue. He is kept company by the Redwinged Blackbird. Notice the detail getting finer all the time.

Not to be outdone, picture #19 depicts a Heron in flight and a Crane.

Picture #20 is the most unique bird I own, the Peacock. For you ladies out there, only the male has these gorgeous feathers.

Picture #21 gives us parrots up to 14″ tall.

Picture #22 shows two of the six bird lamps produced by Goebel. These feature the Robin and the Woodpecker.

The finest birds produced by Goebel are modeled after the work of Gunther Granget. In picture #23, the name of the figurine is “First Step” and was limited to only 250. Granget was also known for his ducks. Pictured is the Wood Duck and was limited to 1,000 pieces.

It is only fitting to close this column with America’s symbol of freedom, the Great American Bald Eagle, which is shown in picture #24. His wingspan is a full 20″.

Goebel Birds Part 1



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