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The Parker Vacumatic Pen information and price guide

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Parker Vacumatic Pen information and Parker Vacumatic Pen price guide – The Parker Vacumatic pen is a vintage fountain pen that has stood the test of time, becoming an iconic symbol of fine writing instruments. From its creation to its functionality and collectability, the Vacumatic has a rich history that continues to enthrall pen enthusiasts and collectors. In this article, we will explore the birth and evolution of the Parker Vacumatic pen, its unique features, the reasons behind its enduring appeal and we look at some of very interesting limited edition Parker Vacumatic Pen’s that been created over the years, along with a price guide of various examples.

Vintage Grey Pearl Oversized Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen
Vintage Grey Pearl Oversized Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen. Sold for £320 at Roger Jones & Co, June 2018.

The pen was first introduced in 1933 by the Parker Pen Company, an American manufacturer of writing instruments. The pen’s innovative design was the result of a collaboration between company founder George S. Parker and engineer Fred F. Fischler. The duo sought to create a pen that would offer a more efficient filling system and a larger ink capacity than the standard lever-fill fountain pens of the time.

A Parker Vacumatic Oversize fountain pen
A Parker Vacumatic Oversize fountain pen. Parker USA nib, unstamped. A 1940’s burgundy pearl celluloid pen with locking Vacumatic filler. The barrel stamped Geo.S Parker. Parker Vacumatic. Made in the USA. 0 (with two dots). Sold for £420 at Barabara Kirk Auctions, November 2019/

It became an instant success upon its release, thanks to its groundbreaking design and technological advancements. Over the years, the pen underwent several modifications and refinements, resulting in different generations and models, including the Golden Web, Silver Pearl, and Azure Pearl. The Vacumatic remained in production until 1948, eventually being replaced by the Parker 51, another iconic pen from the Parker Pen Company.

A 9 carat gold Parker Vacumatic fountain pen
A 9 carat gold Parker Vacumatic fountain pen. Sold for £350 at Tennants Auctioneers, December 2019.

The pen was unique in its time for its innovative filling system. It utilized a diaphragm and a vacuum mechanism, which allowed for a larger ink capacity and easier refilling. To fill the pen, users would depress a plunger multiple times to create a vacuum inside the pen, drawing ink into the barrel. This efficient system eliminated the need for an external ink sac and allowed for a clear view of the ink level through the pen’s translucent barrel.

Limited Editions

The Parker Vacumatic fountain pen, known for its innovative design and technology, has seen many limited edition models released throughout the years. These rare and exclusive designs have become highly coveted by collectors and pen enthusiasts alike.

  1. Holy Water Sprinkler

The Holy Water Sprinkler is one of the rarest and most intriguing limited edition Parker Vacumatic designs. It was 1935 when the Parker Vacumatic Holy Water Sprinkler was introduced, featuring a unique twist on the classic Vacumatic pen. This model was designed to function as both a writing instrument and a dispenser for holy water, featuring a small reservoir within the pen’s barrel to hold the sacred liquid. The pen’s cap was fitted with a sprinkler attachment, allowing the user to sprinkle holy water as needed. A small gold cross was inset in the cap tassie. Definitely an interesting concept and it is believed that only a small number of these pens were produced, making them exceptionally rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Parker Holy Water Sprinkler
Parker Vintage Holy Water Sprinkler / Asperges (Aspergillum) Pen in Original Box with Instruction Booklet. Sold for $350 on ebay, January 2023.
  1. Doctor’s Set

The Doctor’s Set is another limited edition Parker Vacumatic design that caters to a specific professional niche. Introduced in the mid-1930s, this set was targeted at physicians and consisted of a fountain pen and a thermometer housed in a matching pen case. The fountain pen was a standard Parker Vacumatic, while the thermometer featured a similar design and materials to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. The Doctor’s Set was offered in various finishes and colors, including the popular Silver Pearl and Golden Web patterns.

Parker Vacumatic Doctor Trio of Pearly Grey FP, Pencil & Thermometer
Parker Vacumatic Doctor Trio of Pearly Grey FP, Pencil & Thermometer. Sold for $900 on ebay, February 2023.


  1. Azure Pearl Oversize

The Parker Vacumatic Azure Pearl Oversize pen is another limited edition design that draws the attention of collectors. This model, introduced in the late 1930s, features an oversized design compared to the standard Parker Vacumatic pens. The pen is characterized by its striking Azure Pearl celluloid, which showcases an exquisite blue hue with a pearlescent finish. The production of the Azure Pearl Oversize was limited, making it a rarer find for collectors and enthusiasts.

Parker Vacumatic Pen Azure Pearl
Parker Vacumatic Pen Azure Pearl. Sold for $400 on ebay, March 2023.
  1. Imperial Vacumatics

The Imperial Vacumatics were introduced in the mid-1930s as a premium line of Parker Vacumatic pens. These luxurious pens featured either solid gold or gold-plated caps, adding an extra touch of sophistication and class to the already impressive design. The Imperial Vacumatics were available in various finishes, such as the Golden Web, Silver Pearl, and Emerald Pearl, and came in different sizes, including standard, demi, and oversize. The exquisite materials and craftsmanship of the Imperial Vacumatics make them highly desirable among collectors and pen enthusiasts.

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