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Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pen information and price guide

For generations, the Mont Blanc 149 fountain pen has been revered as a timeless classic. First introduced in 1952, the 149 was designed to be the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship. As the flagship model of the Mont Blanc pen range, it has long been considered the gold standard by which all other fountain pens are measured. Even today, nearly 70 years after its debut, the Mont Blanc 149 remains one of the most desirable pens on the market. But what is it about this pen that has made it so iconic? Produced in Germany, the Mont Blanc 149 is truly a work of art – it is referred to as Montblanc Meisterstück 149 with Meisterstück meaning Masterpiece. Each pen is handmade from start to finish, and no two are exactly alike. We take a brief look at the Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pen along with a price guide / value guide.

Iconic Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pen
Iconic Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pen

Mont Blanc is a company with a long and interesting history. The company was founded in 1906 by August Eberstein and Alfred Nehemias. Originally, the company’s primary focus was on producing luxury writing instruments. In 1913, the iconic Mont Blanc logo was created, and it remains unchanged to this day. In 1924, Pierre Leconte joined the company as its first lead designer. Under Leconte’s leadership, Mont Blanc began producing some of its most iconic pens.

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck no 149 fountain pen with 14ct bi-colour gold nib
Mont Blanc Meisterstuck no 149 fountain pen with 14ct bi-colour gold nib. Sold for £220 at Drake’s Auctioneers, March 2022.

The Mont Blanc 149 was first introduced in 1952 as a successor to the popular Montblanc 4810 model. It was designed to be larger and more luxurious than its predecessor, with a longer barrel and a wider gold-plated nib. The original price for the Mont Blanc 149 was $200, which would be equivalent to over $1,700 today. Over the years, the Mont Blanc 149 has undergone several minor changes and alterations. However, the overall design remains largely unchanged from the original 1952 model. One of the most notable changes occurred in 1986 when Mont Blanc began producing the 149 with a piston filling system instead of a cartridge converter.

A Mont Blanc Meisterstuck No 149 fountain pen with box
A Mont Blanc Meisterstuck No 149 fountain pen with box. Sold for £340 at Lacy Scott & Knight, December 2015.

One of the things that makes the Mont Blanc 149 so special is its design. The proportions of the pen are based on those of an antique obelisk, giving it a sleek and elegant look that has come to be synonymous with Mont Blanc’s high-end writing instruments. The cap and barrel are made from solid brass, then coated with multiple layers of lacquer to create a deep, lustrous finish. The Montblanc logo is discreetly embossed on the top, while a gold-plated ring engraved with “Meisterstück 149” is at the base of the cap.

Two Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pens
Two Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pens. Sold for £460 at Byrne’s Fine Art Auctioneers, March 2018.

The nib of the Mont Blanc 149 is crafted from solid 18k gold and adorned with an intricate engraving known as the “Boutique Chevron.” This luxurious finishing touch is said to represent mountain peaks inspired by those found in Mont Blanc’s native Alpine region. The nib is also handmade by skilled artisans to ensure that each one meets Mont Blanc’s exacting standards for quality and precision.

Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pen nib marked 4810
Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pen nib marked 4810

It is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, elegant design, and its status as a symbol of luxury and success. Due to its timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship, the Mont Blanc 149 fountain pen has always been considered a valuable collector’s item. In recent years, vintage Mont Blanc 149s have become increasingly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, driving up prices on both the secondary market and at auction houses worldwide. A mint-condition 1950s Mont Blanc 149 can fetch upwards of $2,000 today, making it one of the most valuable vintage fountain pens on the market.  Interestingly enough, even modern versions of the 149 fountain pen are becoming collectible. The modern range of 149s come in not only gold-coated nibs but also rose gold-coated and platinum coated nibs. They retail for around £800 / $1,000.

Mont Blanc occasionally release Limited Edition 149 pens such as the Andrée Putman Unicef limited edition fountain pen, and 149 UNICEF Helmut Jahn Edition.

Andrée Putman Unicef limited edition Mont Blanc 149 fountain pen
Andrée Putman Unicef limited edition Mont Blanc 149 fountain pen. Sold for £520 at Hampstead Auctions, March 2016.

There are many reasons why the Mont Blanc 149 makes an excellent choice for those in search of a high-quality fountain pen. First and foremost, it is important to note that this pen is built to last a lifetime. Additionally, the 149 features once of the finest nib designs, giving superior ink flow control, that provides a smooth writing experience. It has classic design that has endured much unchanged for 70 years.

Mont Blanc 149 UNICEF Helmut Jahn Edition

Price Guide
Good examples in box £200-£300 / $250-$350
Good examples £100-£200 / $130- $250
Mint and limited editions can sell for upwards to $1,000.

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