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Obscure Goebel Series Part 2

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Now, bring on the clowns in picture #12 & #13. Most of the numbers are filled in with glaze, but I can make out 11-715-13 which would make them about 5 ½” tall.

Pictures #14 & #15 are modeled after the artwork of Lisa Larson.


seem all to be candleholders and are almost as flat as a pancake. They begin with 54-026-14, 027, 028, 029, 031, 034, so we know there are additional figurines in this set.

Pictures #16 & #17 are the same pastel colors and high gloss of Lladro and have the style of goebel’s Rococo or Minuet series.

They are 12-200-14 through 205. Very well done in porcelain.

Pictures #18 & #19 show a set modeled after the work of M Flakavin (if I am reading it correctly).

They are all limited to 1,000 and are numbered. The first is 11-501-12 and is labeled “Puppy Love”. Next is 502, “Kitty Cuddle”, 500, “Dearest Dolly”, and 503, “Bearhug”.

Pictures #20 & #21 are eight figurines of the same boy doing various things.

Personally, I think all of these are adorable and cannot understand why these aren’t collected by more collectors. They are 10-753-12 through 760.

Pictures #22 & #23 feature the literary characters of Old Mother Westwind. 17-300-18 is named Little Joe Otter, 301 is Reddy Fox, 302 is Jimmy Skunk, 303is Bobby Coon and last, but not least is 304, Peter Rabbit.

Although I have over 6,000 goebel items, there are about 34,000 which I do not have. Not being immortal, there is a time limit for me to find these 34,000, so if you have an older goebel piece that you think I may not have, please let me know what it is, along with the price you are trying to get. I cannot give “values” as that would be guessing what some other collectors is willing to give and my crystal ball is a bit cloudy at this time. Also, I will be happy to answer any questions on NON-Hummel goebels. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] .


In 1988, goebel discontinued virtually everything except Hummels. They still do make a limited number of items at their factory and these are always found with Germany below goebel in the mark. However, they are subcontracting more and more items to be made in Thailand, and now China. These have the goebel name, but not the Germ any. Many of them came with a peel-off sticker saying made In Thailand, but these stickers were peeled off a long time ago. Many internet sellers, especially from the UK and Germany, neglect to state that they lack Germany and represent them as goebel bearing the goebel mark. If you cannot see the mark, I suggest using caution. In my opinion, these items have little, if any, value to collectors. They may be a fine value if you think they are pretty, but they are NOT considered goebel as they were not made in the goebel factory in Germany To my knowledge, goebel has never made items out of resin. These that you easily find all over the internet were made in Thailand or China.

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