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Obscure Goebel Series Part 1

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Many Goebel series are widely known and collected such as Hummels, Redheads (there is a book exclusively on goebel Charlot Byj items), Co-Boys (book on these also) and Friar Tucks. It makes no sense to rewrite what has already been written, so I am going to focus this article on series that very few collectors collect or have even heard of. Most of these series are unnamed, or if they were named by goebel, I am not aware of it.

As a refresher, the goebel latest numbering system consists of 7 digits. The first two designate the series, the middle three the item, and the last two the height in cms. We get to picture #1 which reminds me of Raggedy Ann dolls. From left to right, the number is 10-764-11. The next two are 769 and 768, so I must conclude that there are at least three more pieces in this series. Goebel would have had no reason to skip numbers in this situation.

Pictures #2 & #3 are what I call the brown set. The number on the first is 10-743-14, so they are nice size and show children in action. The others are 744, 745, 745, 749, 751. Once again, this tells me there are more pieces in this series also.

Picture #4 shows what I do believe are the three pieces in this series. Numbers are 54-009-12, 008 & 010.

Pictures #5 & #6 are what might be called the redhead Lladro series, but these are all signed by the artist Ruiz. First piece is 16-221-22 and the seated ones are 11-403-17 & 404.

They all look like they have a circus theme.These are very well done and are made of porcelain rather than the usual goebel earthenware.

Pictures #7 & #8 show a series of little children with their favorite toys or pets.

These six pieces are the entire series. I just think they are very cutesy.

Pictures #9 & #10 really feature a mini series. These figurines are only a little over 2″ tall, but they are very cute.

There are several more which I have yet to come across. There looks like every occupation is represented, such as bride and groom, policeman, sailor, old lady and old man, etc.


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