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Goebel Ladies Part 2

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Picture #11 (right) illustrates The Viscountess Diana, 1769, #305, Southern Belle, 1860, #310 and Say Please, 1780, #304. I’m not sure who is begging more, the lady or her doggie.

Picture #12 (left ) gets us into sporting events beginning with ice skating, Skimming Gently, 1800, #294, tennis with Center Court, 1903, #293 and Gentle Breezes, 1887, #301.

Picture #13 (right) changes the tone with another bride and groom, Forever and Ever, 1949. #315 and her husband, The Promise, 1949, #310. I’m sure this looked like many of my readers when marriages lasted forever.

Picture #14 (below) resumes the sports with River Outing, 1889, #298, golf with On the Fairway, 1894, #292 and To the Hunt, 1913, #299.

Picture #15 (below) ends the fashion on Parade series with Fall in Paris, 1914, #307, Equestrian, 1876, #300 and The Shephardess’ Costume. 1787, #306.


Pictures #16 (below) and #17 (below) are of a new series of queens which total only six figurines. The Queens are Elizabeth, 1601, Marie Antoinette, 1786, Isabella, 1503, Eleanor, 1442, Katharina, 1772, and Christina, 1685. These are numbered 16-323 through 16-328.


Finally we enter into the top of the line with goebel’s “Beauties of the World”. These figurines are about 12″ tall and combine bisque finishes with glaze on the same piece. Pictures #18 (left) and #19 (below right) show us six of the twelve beauties in this series.

I’m not sure of the countries, but you will note that each is dressed in a costume and has a name which is common to various countries around the world. Helena, 16-243 is first, followed by Suriya, #244 and Madeleine, #242. Then we have Natascha, #241, Giulia, #247 and finally, Ines, #248.

Goebel Ladies Part 1 

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