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Goebel Animals Part 2

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The Goebel King’s Column produced for The World Collectors Net
by Matt a.k.a. “The Goebel King”

Goebel To make up for the mice, I present you with bambi, 522, his friend with no number, and a unicorn found in three different poses in picture eleven.

Goebel Picture twelve presents you with a barrel of monkeys, the first 36550 in bisque, a standing monkey, with no number, and the last two are each found in three poses and are 555 and 543.

Goebel Picture thirteen shows mommy and her baby seal, 3651607 and 570.

Goebel Then we have a pair of wild pigs, no number and 518. Since we found we could tame wild animals, we have cutsy pigs in picture fourteen, 3202107,32049 and no number. All these piglets are found in other poses as well, or in a double figurine with their cousins.

Goebel Domestic animals are continues in picture fifteen with two little lambs, 240 and 32010 (sorry that Mary wasn’t available to have her picture taken with her lamb) and a little burro, 32012. Goebel There is a zebra and a calf without numbers in picture sixteen.

Most Goebel animal collectors limit their collections to these smaller pieces because the larger ones are much more expensive and relatively rare, or they did not know of their existence.

Goebel Pictures seventeen through twenty depict these much larger figurines. For example, the bull is a full 10″ long. Of course, we can tell the height of each figurine by the last two digits of their number. The cow is 3203112, and the bull is 3202914.

Goebel The sheep is 3201412 and the donkey is 3224315. The unicorn is not numbered and the goat is 3203514. Finally, the piggy is 3201808.

Goebel In order to limit my personal liability, I feel I must warn you. Purchasing your first Goebel figurine may cause you to catch Goebel collectoritis. Although it is not always terminal, it is incurable. I have had it for 22 years and my collection is now over 4,500 items.

Goebel I will be happy to answer anyone’s Goebel questions to the best of my knowledge if you e-mail me directly at [email protected].

Please do not ask me to give values, as there are 40,000 different items made by Goebel since their inception in 1871 and there really is not an organized market for 99% of them. Value is strictly based on what the buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to sell for.

I am interested in acquiring any of the 35,000 Goebels I do not already have and I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase one from any of you. I would also like to hear from you as to what you might like to see in future columns.

Goebel Animals Part 1

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