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Terry Funk Collectibles Reliving the Iconic Moments of The Hardcore Legend

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The wrestling world lost one of its brightest stars when Terry Funk, known to many as “The Hardcore Icon,” passed away on August 23, 2023. Terry’s influence on the world of professional wrestling is profound and indelible, and he will forever be remembered as a trailblazer, innovator, and passionate ambassador for the sport he loved. This feature will take a look at the life and career of Terry Funk, the Hardcore Legend of professional wrestling, with a special focus on the Terry Funk Collectibles and Terry Funk memorabilia associated with him.

Terry Funk WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Figure 1986
This Terry Funk WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Figure 1986 is probably the ultimate for any collector. This classic figure of Terry Funk is mint in box and includes his branding iron and hat. The figure can be found loose for $50-$150 depending on condition and accessories. This boxed example when pictured was up for $1,500 on ebay. (click for Terry Funk action figures on ebay)

Terry Wayne Funk, born on June 30, 1944, in Hammond, Indiana, was a product of a storied wrestling lineage. His father, Dory Funk, was a respected professional wrestler, and his brother, Dory Funk Jr., remains another notable figure in wrestling. Growing up amidst such influential figures provided the foundation for what became a legendary career. From the 1960s to well into the 21st century, Funk’s wrestling journey was characterized by adaptability and evolution. He transitioned seamlessly from classic wrestling displays to brutal hardcore matches, always leaving an impression on fans and peers alike.

LJN WWFWrestling Figure Terry Funk with Original Branding Iron and Hat out of packet
LJN WWFWrestling Figure Terry Funk with Original Branding Iron and Hat out of packet. Sold for $124.99 on ebay, July 2023.

Funk’s wrestling style can be best described as eclectic. While he’s a technically sound wrestler, he’s also unafraid to delve into the more extreme aspects of the business. This fearless approach led him to be a pioneer in the hardcore wrestling genre, long before it became mainstream.

Throughout his career, he’s worn many hats, from wrestler to promoter to trainer, and even took brief sojourns into the worlds of acting and music. Funk was not just a wrestler but also a mentor to many. His training school produced a host of wrestling talents, with many crediting him as a pivotal influence in their careers.

Classic Matches and Feuds

  1. Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair (I Quit Match, Clash of the Champions IX): In one of NWA’s most memorable feuds, Funk’s rivalry with Ric Flair culminated in an iconic “I Quit” match, a testament to the resilience and talent of both men.

    TERRY FUNK autograph 8x10 signed picture with inscription with Nature Boy Ric Flair
    TERRY FUNK autograph 8×10 signed picture with inscription with Nature Boy Ric Flair. Sold for $89.99 on ebay, August 2023.
  2. Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler (Empty Arena Match): This unique bout in an empty Mid-South Coliseum demonstrated Funk’s inclination towards the hardcore, setting a precedent for many matches that would follow in various promotions.
  3. The Feud with Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack): In matches that often defied belief, Funk’s bouts with Foley in Japan, especially their brutal barbed wire match, are legendary within the hardcore wrestling community.

    Terry Funk & Cactus Jack Dual Autographed Photograph Death Match with JSA Authentication
    Terry Funk & Cactus Jack Dual Autographed Photograph Death Match with JSA Authentication. Sold for $224.99 on ebay, August 2023.
  4. Terry Funk’s ECW Run: Funk’s contribution to ECW is invaluable. His feuds with Sabu, The Sandman, and many others, showcased his fearless approach and solidified his legacy in the annals of extreme wrestling.
  5. Chainsaw Charlie and WWF: In his return to WWF in the late ’90s, Funk’s Chainsaw Charlie character teamed with Mick Foley’s Cactus Jack for memorable feuds with the likes of the New Age Outlaws.

    WWW Mattel Chainsaw Charlie Terry Funk Elite Series 97
    WWW Mattel Chainsaw Charlie Terry Funk Elite Series 97.Sold for $35 on ebay, August 2023.

Outside the squared circle, Terry Funk explored various avenues in entertainment, particularly in film and television, demonstrating his versatility as a performer. His distinctive presence, charisma, and genuine rough-around-the-edges demeanor lent itself beautifully to various roles, making him a favorite among directors and producers looking for authenticity.

Film Appearances

  1. “Paradise Alley” (1978): Directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, this film about wrestling brothers featured Terry Funk as the wrestler ‘Frankie the Thumper’. His role is noteworthy, showcasing his natural wrestling charisma in a cinematic setting.
  2. “Over The Top” (1987): Once again teaming with Sylvester Stallone, Funk played a supporting role in this arm wrestling-centric drama.
  3. “Road House” (1989): This cult classic, starring Patrick Swayze, cast Funk as ‘Morgan’, one of the main antagonist’s henchmen. His rugged demeanor perfectly suited the film’s rough-and-tumble atmosphere.
  4. “The Ringer” (2005): While this comedy starring Johnny Knoxville had Funk in a smaller role, his appearance was certainly memorable for fans who recognized the wrestling legend.

Television Appearances

  1. “Quantum Leap”: Funk made an appearance in an episode titled “Heart of a Champion” where the show’s protagonist, Sam Beckett, leaps into the body of a professional wrestler. Funk played a wrestling opponent, naturally.
  2. “Wildside”: This short-lived series saw Funk take on a recurring role, further highlighting his capabilities as an actor beyond just fight sequences.
  3. “Television Documentaries”: Funk appeared in several wrestling documentaries and specials throughout the years, providing insights into the world of professional wrestling and sharing personal stories from his illustrious career. One of the most notable is “Beyond the Mat,” which gives a candid look at the lives of professional wrestlers, including Funk.
  4. Wrestling Guest Appearances: Over the years, Funk made guest appearances in various wrestling-related shows, including episodes of WWE’s Monday Night RAW and other programs, where he would either be in character or simply appear as himself to discuss the wrestling business.

Terry Funk’s foray into popular culture showcased a side of him that was both versatile and genuine. Whether he was playing a rugged henchman in a Hollywood film or sharing heartfelt stories from his wrestling journey, Funk’s authenticity shone through. His contributions to film and television have only further cemented his legacy as a true entertainment icon.

Collecting Terry Funk Collectibles and Memorabilia: Preserving a Legacy

The allure of collecting stems from the desire to hold onto a piece of history, and for fans of Terry Funk, acquiring his memorabilia is akin to preserving moments from the storied career of “The Hardcore Icon.” Whether you’re a hardcore wrestling aficionado or someone who has just discovered the allure of Terry Funk, collecting his memorabilia can be an exciting journey into the world of professional wrestling.

Types of Terry Funk Collectibles

  1. Action Figures: Over the years, various toy manufacturers have produced action figures in the likeness of Terry Funk. These figures range from classic wrestling attire to his more hardcore personas, like Chainsaw Charlie.
  2. Autographed Photos and Trading Cards: Authentic signed photos of Funk, especially those from significant moments in his career or those co-signed by his wrestling counterparts, are particularly sought after.

    Terry Funk 1982 Wrestling All Stars Rookie Signed Autographed Card
    Terry Funk 1982 Wrestling All Stars Rookie Signed Autographed Card. Sold for $500 on ebay, July 2023.
  3. Wrestling Magazines: Vintage wrestling magazines that feature Terry Funk, whether in cover stories, interviews, or iconic photo spreads, are a significant part of wrestling history.

    Inside Wrestling Magazine January 1977 featuring Terry Funk signed cover
    Inside Wrestling Magazine January 1977 featuring Terry Funk signed cover. Sold for $64.99 on ebay, August 2023.
  4. Event Posters and Programs: Original promotional materials from wrestling events in which Funk participated, especially from his earlier career, can be considered rare finds.
  5. Ring Worn Gear: These are among the most coveted of all wrestling collectibles. Items that Funk wore in the ring, especially during notable matches, can fetch a high price.
  6. DVDs and VHS Tapes: Match compilations, documentaries, and even his movie appearances provide not just collectible value but also a visual journey through his career.

Terry Funk’s passing is a tremendous loss to the wrestling community. However, his legacy will forever remain intact. Through his matches, stories, and countless contributions to the industry, Terry Funk’s spirit will continue to inspire and entertain fans for generations to come. The wrestling world bids farewell to a true legend, but his influence will never fade. Rest in peace, Terry Funk – The Hardcore Icon.

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