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The Avengers Corgi Toys Gift Set 40 information and price guide

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Released in the mid 1960s, during the peak of the popularity of “The Avengers” television series, Corgi’s Gift Set 40 was a delightful tribute to this iconic spy-fi show. The set contained two die-cast models, each representing a vehicle used in the series by the dapper John Steed and the stylish Mrs. Peel. We take a look at the The Avengers Corgi Toys Gift Set 40  and include some prices of sold items.

Corgi Toys Gift Set 40 The Avengers complete and in original box including all 3 umbrellas
CORGI TOYS – a Corgi Toys Gift Set 40, The Avengers, complete and in original box, including all 3 umbrellas, no associated paperworkBoth vehicles are in near unplayed condition, all 3 umbrellas are present and in their original inserts in the box, very few signs of play wear, box itself is in very good overall condition, there is some minor fraying and peeling back of the car especially around the openings, associated with the vehicles being taken in and out of the box. Sold for £200 at Burstow & Hewett, July 2023.

The set consisted of two vehicles that encapsulated the essence of “The Avengers” series with remarkable precision. First, the red 1927 Bentley, while not an exact replica of the 4 1/2-liter Bentley driven by John Steed, exuded a timeless elegance and sophistication, complete with its black mudguards and silver or gold spoked wheels. The attention to detail in its design was evident, down to the bowler-hatted driver figure that was a nod to Steed’s iconic style.

Corgi Gift Set 40 The Avengers Set VNM in Original Box
A lovely example of this early issue Corgi model set from the 1960’s TV series The Avengers. Original paintwork on both models very near mint Elan. All original tyres on spoked and spun hubs, suspension great on Emma Peels Lotus, good windscreen and windows, original figures and perfect interiors, 3 replacement umbrellas, baseplates excellent. Sold for £395 on ebay, October 2023.

Accompanying the Bentley was Emma Peel’s Lotus Elan S2, a faithful recreation that featured intricate details such as an opening bonnet, tipping seats, and sliding windows. Although the colour differed from the show’s powder blue version, this was forgivable given the challenges of black-and-white television production.

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Adding to the charm of the set, the Bentley featured a bowler-hatted driver, reminiscent of John Steed, while Mrs. Peel was represented by a free-standing figure dressed in white. The set included three of Steed’s iconic umbrellas which can often be missing in sets. The set also comes in a rarer green Bentley example.

A rare Corgi Toys Gift Set 40 The Avengers Comprising vintage Bentley in mid green with red wheels and Lotus Elan
A rare Corgi Toys Gift Set 40 The Avengers. Comprising vintage Bentley and Lotus Elan with both plastic figures John Steed and Emma Peel. Bentley an example in mid green with red wheels and brown interior, Lotus in white with black interior. Boxed, with display insert, minor wear, leaflet and 3 umbrellas. Sold for £750 at Wallis & Wallis, May 2020.

The box features the words:


Reproduction boxes can be bought which are great for those with loose vehicles. Just beware when buying boxes. Replacement umbrellas can also be bought.

Price Guide / Value Guide
From the example of realised prices shown there is a large variance in value of The Avengers Corgi Toys Gift Set 40 depending on condition. The variation with the green Bentley is more valuable than the more common red edition.

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