Corgi No 290 Kojak Buick

corgi 290 kojak buick
The Corgi No 290 Kojak Buick features his brown buick and two figures including Kojak  in jacket and hat holding and pointing his revolver. Crocker is in the back seat firing backwards. The model also came with a self adhesive Lieutenant badge. The original Corgi Kojak Buick was released in 1976.

corgi kojak buick back of box
There is a also a rarer version with a hatless Kojak wearing evening dress. Crocker also varies form the main model and wears a dark blue evening jacket.

corgi 290 kojak buick with no hat

This version features Kojak with no hat. It sold for £275 at

Description on box – Lieutenant of Detectives Theo Kojak is a stubborn and tenacious cop with deep concern for people and justice. He operates from Manhattan South precinct with his squad of detectives Bobby Crocker, Stavros and Sapperstein, waging and unrelenting battle against violence and corruption in the city of New York. Chief of Detectives Frank McNeil completes the most famous police department ever to hit TV screens.

Corgi No 290 Kojak Buick Price Guide

Corgi No 290 Kojak Buick in excellent condition out of box – £40/£60 $60/$90
Corgi No 290 Kojak Buick in box £100/£200 $140/$280
Corgi No 290 Kojak Buick in box with Lieutenant sticker £150/£250 $225/$375

Corgi No 290 Kojak Buick with hatless Kojak and crocker in evening dress in box with Lieutenant sticker £250/£300 $375/$450.

Beware when buying for reproduction boxes.


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