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Royal Doulton Lord of the Rings Figures Price Guide

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tolkien lord of the rings doulton collection
The Royal Doulton Lord of the Rings collection is one of my favorites, and is one set of Doulton figures they have remained extremely collectable. The collection began to be released in 1980 and was designed by D Lyttleton with production ending in 1984.

In Lord of the Rings, Tolkien gave these characters life.
Royal Doulton has given them form.
Through Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings you entered their world.
Now, through Royal Doulton, they can enter yours.

The Royal Doulton Lord of the Rings collection included 12 figures and a base: Gandalf HN2911, Frodo HN2912, Gollum HN2913, Bilbo HN2914, Galadriel HN2915, Aragorn HN2916, Legolas HN2917, Boromir HN2918, Gimli HN2922, Barliman Butterbur HN2923, Tom Bombadil HN2924, Samwise HN2925 and a Rockwork base ceramic display stand. The figurines intially sold from $35 to $50.

Royal Doulton Tolkien Lord of the Rings Price Guide / Value Guide

Interest in the collection increased rapidly with the release of the Peter Jackson films and a full set sold for £1,500 in 2012. Prices have decreased since and a full set in good condition is about £800 / £1,000 ($1,000 / $1,300). The more expensive pieces in the set are the later releases and less popular character – Barliman Butterbur, Tom Bambadil and Samwise. Price Guide / Value Guide below:

Gandalf HN2911 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Frodo HN2912 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Gollum HN2913 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Bilbo HN2914 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Galadriel HN2915 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Aragorn HN2916 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Legolas HN2917 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Boromir HN2918 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Gimli HN2922 £60-£80 / $80-$100
Barliman Butterbur HN2923 £250-£350 / $330-$460
Tom Bombadil HN2924 £250-£350 / $330-$460
Samwise HN2925 £100-£200 / $130-$260
Rockwork base ceramic display stand £150-£250 / $200-$330

Royal Doulton Lord of the Rings figurines at auction

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