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Corgi Classics The World Of Wooster information and price guide

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The 1966 Corgi Classics The World Of Wooster Bentley is a nostalgic piece that transports collectors back to an era of elegant automobiles and quintessentially British humor. This unique set, identified as Corgi No 9004, features a meticulously detailed model of a 1927 Bentley, an epitome of automotive excellence and style of the roaring twenties. We take a look at the Corgi Classics The World Of Wooster 9004 and include some prices of sold items.

Corgi 9004 Bentley World of Jeeves & Wooster
Corgi 9004 Bentley World of Wooster. This example complete with figures sold for £55 on ebay, February 2024.

The model’s captivating green body, combined with a sophisticated graphite and grey chassis, captures the eye, while the striking red seats inside invite admiration for its attention to detail and craftsmanship.  This collectible is more than just a model car; it’s a piece of literary and television history, inspired by the beloved novels of P.G. Wodehouse. These stories, brought to life in the BBC series “The World of Wooster,” saw Ian Carmichael starring as the comically calamitous Bertie Wooster, a young gentleman of leisure who frequently finds himself in a pickle. The series, which aired from 1965 to 1967, was a faithful adaptation of Wodehouse’s work, encapsulating the whimsical adventures and the upper-class milieu of England during the early 20th century.

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The inclusion of the 1927 Bentley in the Corgi Classics set pays homage to the luxurious lifestyle of Bertie Wooster and his peers. The car model, with its impeccable design and historical significance, represents the opulence and spirited escapades characteristic of Wooster’s world. The Bentley, often associated with speed, endurance, and a touch of rebellion, mirrors the lighthearted yet adventurous spirit of the series and the novels it was based on.

Corgi 9004 The World of Wooster Vintage Bentley 1927
Corgi 9004 The World of Wooster Vintage Bentley 1927. This example with Bertie Wooster and Jeeves figures and excellent inner card and outer bubble sold for £45 at Vectis Auctions, October 2023.

The back of the box reads:  ‘P. G. Wodehouse, now in his eighties, is the greatest living English humorous writer. His “World of Wooster” is a fantasy world set in the England of 1925-1935 in which we enjoy the relationship between Bertie Wooster and his manservant Jeeves. Bertie Wooster is a young, featherbrained yet likeable bachelor, blessed with money and thoroughly enjoying the high life of London society. He finds himself in all sorts of “threatening” incidents from which Jeeves always saves him – very often by driving him away from trouble in his sporty yet elegant 1927 Bentley.

In bringing them to life, the TV re-creation of Wooster and Jeeves has made these delightful characters even more popular.’

The World of Wooster Corgi set showing interior and figures
The World of Wooster Corgi set showing interior and figures

Collectors and fans of the series appreciate the Corgi Classics The World Of Wooster Bentley not just for its physical beauty but for its ability to evoke the charm and wit of Ian Carmichael’s portrayal of Bertie Wooster. The detailed craftsmanship of the model, combined with its cultural and historical significance, makes it a cherished item for both model car enthusiasts and admirers of P.G. Wodehouse’s enduring work.

Price Guide
Very fine examples in original box with very fine box and blister bubble plastic £80-£100
Other complete examples £40-£80 depending on condition
Cars and figures out of packaging £10-£30

Mint examples are really whatever a collectors wants to pay but £200 plus.

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