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Beswick Alice in Wonderland Price Guide

Beswick collection of figures from Alice In Wonderland series

The original Beswick Alice in Wonderland series of figurines were released in 1973 and were produced until 1983. They were modelled by designer Graham Tongue (who had joined Beswick in 1996), Albert Hallam and David Lyttleton.

The design of the Beswick Alice in Wonderland series of 11 figurines was influenced by the famous Alice in Wonderland illustrator John Tenniel and his drawings from the 1865 edition. Of the models it is the Queen of Hearts which is the least like Tenniel’s likeness.

The set comprised 11 models including Alice, White Rabbit, Mock Turtle, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat ,Gryphon, King & Queen of Hearts, Dodo, Fish Footman and Frog Footman.

Alice (Model No 2476)
White Rabbit (Model No 2477 )
Mock Turtle (Model No 2478)
Mad Hatter (Model No 2479 )
Cheshire Cat (Model No 2480)
Gryphon (Model No 2485)
King of Hearts (Model No 2489)
Queen of Hearts (Model No 2490 )
Dodo (Model No 2545 )
Fish Footman (Model No 2546)
Frog Footman (Model No 2547)

Beswick Alice in Wonderland Price Guide / Value Guide

In the early 2000s a complete set of 11 Beswick Alice in Wonderland would sell at auction for anywhere up to £1,000 ($1,500). Individual prices at that time would vary from £60 to £300 per model at fairs with the King and Queen at the lower end the Cheshire Cat at the higher end.

beswick alice in wonderland set of 11
This set were seen to be sold for £525 (or offer) in May 2021.

A set at auction in 2021 would be valued at £250-£350 so about 30% of the high prices reached. Although a set were seen to be sold for £525 (or offer) in May 2021. The rarer models are the Cheshire Cat, Alice, White Rabbit and the Frog Footman. The least valuable are the King and Queen of Hearts. I think if the Queen had been modelled to Tenniel’s drawing she would have been amazing and would certainly be in the higher prices.

beswick alice figurine
Beswick Alice Estimate £50 / $70 to £70 / $100

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