DraculaJanell Berryman first began making papier mache clay pieces in 1997.  She began selling her work on the Internet and soon built up a number of fans to her Pumpkinseed collection.

Ten years later her fan base continues to grow and her work now appears in a number of galleries.

Pictured right: Dracula – an original model made from papier mache

Her collection has now reached an international market with the Pumpkinseeds Folk Art reproduction line by ENESCO making high quality figures from Janell Berryman’s originals. The collection includes the most popular Halloween, Santa’s and Easter lines.

Sweet Pumpkin GhoulPictured left: Sweet Pumpkin Ghoul – an original model made from papier mache

Each piece starts off as an armature then the building begins. After drying all the pieces and parts are sanded to a smooth texture in accordance with the piece.  They are then carefully painted with full detail.  Painted in high quality artist acrylics, sometimes sanded for a nice vintage look and appeal, stained, waxed and then sealed. All pieces come signed, dated and tagged with a small signature card. 
ENESCO Pumpkins Raven FigurineEach original piece is unique. From start to finish it takes any where from 6  to 16 hours to create a model. Currently original models cost from $85.00 to $400.00.


Pictured right: ENESCO Pumpkins Raven Figurine

Pumpkin Child on StumpJanell Berryman says ‘My work comes with years of experience and tedious attention to detail.  No pieces ever leave my studio without me knowing in my heart it was the absolute best I could have accomplished.’

Pictured left: ENESCO Pumpkin Child on Stump

Three SkellysJanell Berryman also produces original folk art and Halloween art paintings. The paintings use artist grade acrylics, and sealed with a top quality varnish. 

Pictured right: Original paiting entitled ‘The Three Skellys’   

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