Halloween 2004

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The 2004 Halloween offerings for those keen to
purchase a modern timed, or limited edition collectable, range from
Horses to Sugar Sifters, and Boxes to Ornaments.


Breyer, the leading manufacturer of plastic, porcelain, and resin
model horses, animals and accessories have launched Cryptic, the
fourth horse in their Halloween series.

The magnificent
Cryptic is pictured right.

"description: Underneath Cryptic’s ghoulish tombstone-looking
exterior lies a terribly frightening surprise — a skeleton frame
that only comes out in the dark! Turn your lights off to fully
experience this thriller… Limited Edition."


Lorna Bailey Artware has released a whole new pattern Spooky Graveyard.
The new design is featured on 7 classic designs.

Pictured left is the Spooky
Graveyard pattern featured on Small Round Jug design.

design is only available for a limited period, as well as the
five other timed editions produced for Halloween 2004 which include
Merlin the Cat and Witchy the Sugar Shaker.

Witchy the Sugar Shaker from
Lorna Bailey Artware is pictured right.


Department 56 produce a number of successful ranges including Villages
and Snowbabies.

For 2004 Halloween highlights include: Grimsly Manor, a lighted
building form the Snow Vilage Halloween Collection.

Manor is pictured left.

Three Happy Witches, from
the Snowbabies range are pictured right.


Krinkles are also produced by Dept 56 and are all designed by
artist Patience Brewster. The Krinkles range of quirkly seasonal
ornaments are attracting a lot of attention and look set to be
very collectible.

Pictured left is the
Cat Pumpkin Ornament.


Each year Christopher Radko offers some of the most interesting
Halloween Ornaments and for the past couple of years their web
site has been one of the most interesting to view around the Witching

Pictured right is the Radko
Monster Manor Figure.

& Harmony Kingdom

Harmony Kingdom have produced three Disney Exclusives this year
including ‘Gift For Sally’ featuring Jack Skellington and Sally
from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I wonder what’s hidden in
the box. The piece is available from Disney Direct and Limited
to 1000 pieces. Gift For Sally

produced for Disney Direct is ‘Neck and Neck’ depicting the classic
story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman from The Legend
of Sleepy Hollow.

Auctions have recently had ‘Cats and Dogs Halloween’ featuring
some of Disney’s most famous cats and dogs.

Pictured above left ‘Gift
For Sally’, above right ‘Neck and Neck’ and left ‘Cats and Dogs

Hopefully, this gives a taste of what is out there and Have a
Happy Halloween!!!!!!

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