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Goebel Christmas Time Part 1

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Goebel Christmas Since it is well into July and we are sweltering under the hot summer’s sun, what better way to cool off than to think about Christmas! So I am presenting you with many of the festive season’s products made by goebel.

Goebel Christmas Picture #1 begins with figurines of that jolly ole soul, SANTA CLAUS. From left to right, we have 44 333 10, 44 331 10, 44 350 09. Goebel Christmas The second picture depicts two very similar looking gentlemen. I think we all agree that the man in red is another goebel version of Santa, but how many of you think the man in blue is Santa? I don’t remember any stories about him with a pick, but he sure looks like him. There are no numbers on either of these two.

Picture # 3 contains some very large items. 44 030 20 is a night light which illuminates the entire figurine if I had a bulb in it. We have Santa’s helper and it also includes a candleholder. The teddy bear is 36 557 14 and Santa is 15 007 18

Goebel Christmas Santa is most famous for his toys, so picture # 4 shows teddy bears in three more sizes. The largest one is marked with 539. It and the next each come in three different poses with different color bow ties. Goebel Christmas I included shots of each of the three smallest ones because they are so different.

Picture # 5 continues with the toy theme beginning with a boot (57 401 08) to be filled up by Santa, a rocking horse, which is also a candle holder (54 403 08). Lastly, we have a choo choo train. I believe goebel also made the various cars to follow the locomotive.

Goebel Christmas Goebel made many Christmas figurines as are illustrated beginning with picture # 6. The boy with the horn is 13 907 09, the boy with the star is 13 916, the boy on the sled is 13 904 07 and the nutcracker is 13 902 09. Goebel Christmas

Picture # 7 continues with the snowman, 13 900 09. The man with the violin is 13 913 11. The lamp is 54 429 and the guard is 13 912. There is also a woman caroler that goes with these.

Goebel Christmas Christmas means snow, and with snow, we have snowmen.Picture # 8 depicts a proud set of snowparents (13 920 12) admiring their snowchildren, 13917 on the skies, 919 on the sled and the not so good skier has no number. Such a day tires the little ones out,

Goebel Christmas so they relax in the form of candleholders in picture # 9 (54 017 09, 54 018 06, 54 016 10). Let’s not ever think little girls will be outdone by snowkids.

Goebel Christmas Pictures # 10 and # 11 show a girl skiing with one ski, 11701, a girl on a sled, and a girl ice skating 11 702. Goebel Christmas They get a little rougher in a snowball fight, 11 703, but she calms down to build a snowman in 11 705 and as 11 706 she is trying her skill at curling.

Do what I did and look it up in a dictionary. Our Scottish friends don’t have to look it up.

Goebel Christmas Time Part 1

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