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Tuskers Start a New Friendship The Tuskers range is produced by Country Artists who are world renowned for their detailed animal sculptures. The Tuskers range itself is sculpted by artist and sculptorBarry Price.

Pictured right: Start a New Friendship – Tuskers Collectors Club Membership Gift 2009

‘Prior to joining Country Artists fifteen years ago, Barry worked at Boehm of Malvern. He has produced a variety of sculptures for Country Artists over the years, but it is for his elephant sculptures Tuskers, that Barry is best known.’

The Tuskers range, which celebrates Elephants and their friends in all manner
of situations, started in 1995. The collection celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2005 and has a loyal following of collectors.

The Tuskers Collectors Club allows members to receive a joining gift and the opportunity to buy exclusive sculptures. For 2009 the membership gift is Start a New Friendship. Members also have the opportunity to purchase exclusive member’s pieces and other benefits include the Tuskers Times magazine, and the Tuskers Tales newsletter
(both delivered twice per year). Members also receive an enamel pin.

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