San Francisco Music Box Co

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Limited Edition "Carnival The San Francisco Music Box Company opened its first store in San Francisco’s Pier 39 in 1978. This tiny store (only 500 sq. ft.) quickly became a popular magnet for tourists and collectors generating phenomenal sales in its first year. Since that time, SFMB has grown to a chain of 165 retail stores throughout the United States. Their popular catalogue now reaches ten million households a year.

Pictured right: Limited Edition “Carnival Purple Egg” Music Box

The company’s strength has always been its focus on musical gifts. SFMB is the largest retailer of musical gifts in the world with a collection of almost 1,000 musical boxes and gifts ranging in price from $5 to several thousand dollars. Working with artists from around the world, they’ve created many one-of-a-kind musical treasures especially for the chain. Approximately 70% of the products are designed and produced exclusively by the SFMB in-house product development team. Many of these are Limited Editions, and have become collectibles in their own right. One such piece is the spectacular “Carnival Purple Egg with Pendant”, a Limited Edition of 500, created from real goose eggs. Exclusive "Betty Boop in the City"Some of their most popular music boxes feature characters such as Betty Boop, Phantom of the Opera, Classic Muppets and Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Pictured left: Exclusive “Betty Boop in the City” Waterglobe Music Box

In addition, they carry pieces from several noted artists including Marjorie Sarnat with her “Cherish the Thought,” “Crystal Visions Collection” and “Sweet Inspirations” lines, and Matt and Matthew Danko who design Heart Tugs™ and Teddy Hugs™ figurines.They also have plush, musical Boyds Bears; Disney and Peanuts characters; and lovely Winnie the Pooh music boxes.The San Francisco Music Box Company is perhaps best known for its beautiful, heirloom-quality carousels. Since the company’s inception, they’ve developed over 100 exclusive carousel pieces. Retired pieces are highly sought-after.

Pictured right: Limited Edition “Spirit of Utopia” Carousel

With its spectacular success, it’s not surprising that SFMB has established a Collectors’ Club. Membership is free. Benefits include coupons towards future purchases and the opportunity to buy Members’ Only music boxes.The World Collectors Net and The San Francisco Music Box Company are pleased to offer collectors a spot to buy, sell and trade their cherished SFMB pieces.

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