Me To You

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The Me To You range of figurines is based on Tatty Teddy – the famous bear with the blue nose and patches, and were produced by Collectible World Studios until 2006 and now by Carte Blanche themselves.

The range has now expanded and includes homewares, stationery, plush toys, posters and other accessories. In May 2008 the My Blue Nose Friends range was launched, featuring characters and friends from the world of Tatty Teddy, all with blue noses and patches.

This collection of figurines, cuddly toys and a growing range of other merchandise have beeen an enormous success. In the first six months of production over 1 million My Blue Nose Friends were sold.

Tatty Taddy is the creation of artist Miranda (alias Mike Payne). Tatty Teddy was the first character drawn by Mike Payne for Carte Blanche Greetings in 1987.

Miranda has now become one of the most established names in the greetings card industry, and his creations can be found in nearly 60 countries across the world. His creations also include Charlie’s Ark – this is about a five year old boy and his “Ark” toybox which contains his plush animals and that come alive in his imagination.

Tatty Teddy FigruinePictured left is the 2004 Tatty Teddy Tour Piece ‘Special’

There have been over 300 Me To You pieces produced so far, including Limited Editions, exclusive store editions and web exclusives, and already over 230 retirements.

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