Lorna Bailey

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Lorna Bailey Orb Vase

Very few modern designers have become so fashionable so quickly as Lorna Bailey. Coming into the spotlight in the late 90s Lorna Bailey initially produced modern art deco style ceramics.Pictured right: Limited Edition Orb Vase

Her early pieces had a strong influence from Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper and Charlotte Rhead, but she has developed many of her own styles, designs and shapes.Limited and Special Edition pieces and early work are already reaching a premium.

The company diversified and produced a very popular range of cats, as well as other animal figurines, and seasonal figurines. Especially popular were the Halloween and Christmas editions.

All pieces are made in limited numbers and for very short periods which should give them long term appeal with collectors.

Ocean LinerPictured left: Limited Edition Ocean Liner

The Lorna Bailey Collectors Club was originally launched in 1998 and ran to 2008. Members received, the opportunity to buy members only editions, as well newsletters, and invitations to special events

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