Just the Right Shoe

touchoflaceJust The Right Shoe were a range of hand-painted miniature cold cast porcelain figurines, collectible boxes and musicals have won their designer Raine several awards including in the US the ‘Rising Star of the Year’ award from the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers presented at the 1999 Rosemont shows, and in the UK in 1998 the ‘Best New Collectible of the Year’ award presented by the British Guild of specialist china and glass retailers.

Pictured right: Touch of Lace

thewaveJust the Right Shoe depicted mainly shoe miniatures from different historical periods. These shoes are historically accurate, so as well as forming a unique collection, also show an historical timeline of the shoe.

Pictured right: The Wave

A ‘Just the Right Shoe Club – The Perfect Fit’ debuted in October 1999, with the club becoming the fastest growing collectors club in 2000. The Charter Year ran until December 31, 2000. The club had its own online newsletter Shoe Scoop and magazine  inStep.

The range was extremely successful for a number of years and production moved from Collectible World Studios to Willitts Designs.