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The Greenwich Workshop was founded in 1972 and today finds itself producing among other products, some of the most innovative and unusual porcelain figurines available. The Greenwich Workshop Collection was started in 1995 to produce a line of fine-art porcelain figurines. Since then the figruines it produces has gained an excellent reputation for quality and innovation.

Greenwich Workshop Much of the lines success has been the choice of artwork used to create the figurines – some of America’s leading contemporary artists are involved, including, James C Christensen, Scott Gustafson, and Will Bullas.

James Christensen is inspired by the world’s myths, fables and tales of imagination. Although his approach leads to some very curious results, and some remarkable characters. This is definately not ‘Enchantica’ or ‘Wizards & Dragons’. Pictured right is The Fish Wizard-Purveyor of Imagination.



Scott Gustafson is probably the most traditional of the current designers, creating fairy tale paintings and figurines. His figurines convey a lot of movement and use rich colors to bring the characters to life. Gustafson is also a well respected illustrator whose work has received rave reviews. His limited edition fine art prints from The Greenwich Workshop have been delighting collectors since 1983 and his books, including Animal Soup and Animal Orchestra, have been lauded as classics in the making. Pictured left is Little Red Riding Hood.

Greenwich WorkshopThe humor and quirky nature of Will Bullas’ work adds another style to the Greenwich Workshop output. Award winning watercolorist Will Bulas positive outlook on life is personified through his signature Indian Runner ducks – his symbol for “every man”. Pictured right is the ductor.

Initial success for The Greenwich Workshop was through limited edition prints from talented artists such as Frank McCarthy, Peter Parnall, James Bama and Carolyn Blish. Other artists joined the team including “camouflage” artist Bev Doolittle, Western artist Howard Terpning and Americana artist Charles Wysocki. The combination of artists, styles and different themes meant that the workshop had something to offer everyone.

Greenwich WorkshopIn 1990, the Greenwich Workshop Press started developing illustrated books. The books have been very successful, again featuring the work top artists including astronaut Alan Bean’s Apollo, Bev Doolittle’s The Forest Has Eyes, and Wilson McLean’s visual interpretation of a poem in If the Earth…Were a Few Feet in Diameter. The success of the artwork and stories has led to film adaptations and miniseries including James Christensen’s Voyage of the Basset. This can only attract increased interest in the artwork and figures of the workshop.

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