Enchantica Extravaganza 1998

On the 25th of may 1998, Enchantica organized its third Extravaganza at the usual location of Trentham Gardens near Stoke-on-Trent (pictured below), and welcomed over two thousand visitors.

Trentham Gardens When I arrived at 10.30, the event was already well underway and there were two cues forming up for those who were interested in buying the special event pieces (Nalzarg, Trea, and a mini-version of the 1st edition Vrorst) or the fourth novel.

Also well underway was the very popular Paint-Your-Own, which offered a special opportunity to buy a specially produced dragon called Xenith (a really nice piece) and add to its uniqueness by using one’s own colour scheme. As the day progressed and many of the enthusiastic painters finished their work, the enormous difference between their “result” and the work of the professional painters became painfully clear … and inspired us with renewed respect for their skill (believe me, painting a dragon looks easy – but definitely isn’t).

For those who were more realistic about their artistic talents, and had more money to spend, the auction offered a chance to buy a somewhat uniquely coloured version of some great pieces … some even better than the release-colours … which at the end of the day went for at least two or three times the reserve price (for ex. a green Bethor was sold for well over £300).

All in all, collectors who didn’t enter the bidding, might have done the right thing, however. Considering the awe-inspiring quality of the new pieces presented by the sculptors, we’ll all be needing a lot of money to buy those. Just to wet your appetites … Andrew Bill presented a marvelous new Quillion and photos of Xedrethor (a black dragon from the fourth novel), Dave Mayer showed his new dragon and a statue of a dwarf fighting a tunnel serpent (terrific detail), and James Brierley added a new Ice Demon and his Barbarian opponent.

Peter VAN MOL (who drove 700 miles solo from Belgium to be part of the Extravaganza).

To those who didn’t go because they felt it was too far … BIG mistake, you missed out on something great.