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A   Baby Need you denys fisherFishing for Compliments – A Look at Denys Fisher Dolls
Although the British Denys Fisher company was only active in the doll world for ten years or so, it gained a reputation for quality with attractive and innovative dolls.


Half Dolls
A look at pincushion dolls, tea-cosie dolls and dresser dolls… and there are those also known as ‘tops’, ‘pin heads’ or ‘whisk-broom’ dolls

Pre-War Dolls
A brief history of Pre-War Dolls in Europe


Post War Dolls
A brief history of Post War Dolls in the UK and US

armandmarseilleArmand Marseille & Other Bisque Dolls
Bisque china dolls are those tranquil faced beauties we see featured on the Antiques Roadshow, with glass eyes, hand-painted features and, often, ‘double-jointed’ limbs.


Artists Histories and Information Pages


Introduction, history and Group

Cabbage Patch Dolls
Introduction, history and Group


Introduction, history and Group

Holly Hobbie
Introduction, and feature on Sarah Kay and Betsey Clark dolls

Madame Alexander

Introduction, history and Group

Robert Tonner

Introduction, history and Group

Sasha Dolls
Introduction and history

Brief introduction and history

Tiny Tears
Brief introduction and history

Brief introduction and history