Rope My Heart Trail of Painted Ponies Valentine Edition

rope my heart trail of painted ponies
Rope My Heart is one four new Trail of Painted Ponies for Winter 2018. Rope My Heart has been designed by Lorna Matsuda and features hearts on its mane and hindquarters, as well a heart shaped lasso rope.

Rope My Heart – Whether it’s galloping along a beautiful beach at sunset, cantering through meadows of sunflowers, or being pulled by a horse-drawn sleigh through winter snow, horses have the ability to add romance to experiences that couples can share together. They have a way of making magic happen. They rope our hearts….

The other new Trail of Painted Ponies editions are Unicorn Magic (a Painted Ponies figurine with light up flowers on the base) by Audrey Dixon, Stormy by David L Archie and  Spirit Horse by Lynn Bean.

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