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Jasper the 2014 Harrods Bear


jasperharrodschristmasbear2014Since 1986 Harrods have been producing a teddy bear to celebrate Christmas bear. The first specially designed bear was ‘Snow Bear.’ We ran a feature of Harrods Christmas Bears  a few years ago which has become one of our most popular articles. There are quite a few collectors out there and each year there is much excitement about the annual bear.

For 2014 the Harrods Christmas Bear is called Jasper.

Meet Jasper, the Harrods 2014 Christmas bear. Back from his annual round-the-world trip, this furry fellow can’t wait to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Dressed in his red quilted jacket, Jasper loves nothing more than spreading festive cheer with kindness and cuddles.

He is sure to be popular.

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