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trumpton mayor novelty
Collecting Articles and Features

Collecting Novelty Soaps

Collecting Novelty Soaps – Soap has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that soap became a common household item. The first boxed household soap was made by Sunlight in 1884. Prior to that, soap was typically made in small batches and was a luxury item. […]

19TH CENTURY SAILORS VALENTINE depicting heart and floral motif the other inscribed Think of Me
Collecting Articles and Features

The Truth About Sailor’s Valentines

Do you know where Sailor’s Valentines originated from? If you guessed that they were made by sailors for their loved ones, you would be wrong! In fact, the majority of high specification Sailor’s Valentines originated from the Caribbean, principally Barbados. These Sailor’s Valentines are now a highly sought-after collectors item, […]