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A collection of various Kewpie Dolls
Collecting Articles and Features

A Brief History of Kewpie Dolls

Kewpie dolls, an emblem of early 20th-century innocence and charm, trace their lineage back to the imaginative world of Rose O’Neill, an artist whose creation outlived her time, evolving from paper illustrations to cherished collectibles. As we near the centenary of O’Neill’s first Kewpie drawings, a resurgence of interest in […]

A Doulton Gnomes B Munchkins seriesware dish dated 1927 designed Charles Noke
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From Illustration to Pottery The Artistic Journey of Doulton’s Gnome B and Munchkins Series

From Illustration to Pottery The Artistic Journey of Doulton’s Gnome B and Munchkins Series – Few series capture the imagination as vividly as the Doulton series ware pattern known as “Gnomes B,” or “Munchkins” in the United States. Introduced in the roaring 1920s, this enchanting collection stands as a testament […]

A Rare Pair Of Cloisonne Enamel Stem Cups Qianlong period
Collecting Articles and Features

What is Cloisonne?

Cloisonné is an ancient art technique used for decorating metal objects, typically with vitreous enamel, in which thin wires (often made of gold or silver) are used to create compartments (or cloisons in French) to contain the enamel. Once these compartments are filled, the object is fired until the enamel […]