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Qatar World Cup Collectables and World Cup Merchandise

The 2022 World Cup begins in Qatar begins on Sunday 20th November when Qatar face Ecuador.  We take a look at  some of the official and unofficial merchandise, collectables and memorabilia available to collect and buy. The official mascot for the Qatar World Cup is La’eeb which is an Arabic word meaning super-skilled player. La’eeb follows on from World Cup Mascots which started with World Cup Willie in 1966, to Zabivaka™ the Russian World Mascot in 2018.

Laeeb Qatar fifa world cup mascot 2022
La’eeb The Qatar FIFA World Cup Mascot for 2022

What is the 2022 World Cup Mascot La’eeb?

Many of the previous World Cup mascots have been animals such as Willie the Lion for England in 1966, Fuelco the Three-banded Armadillo for Brazil in 2014 and Zabivaka for Russia in 2018. La’eeb is a bit more  mysterious. La’eeb resembles a traditional Qatar cloth headdress the ghitra / gutra and is not meant to have a fixed anthropomorphic identity.

The team behind the character say of La’eeb:

He belongs to a parallel mascot-verse that is indescribable – everyone is invited to interpret what it looks like. La’eeb encourages everyone to believe in themselves as ‘Now is All’.

He comes from the mascot-verse – a place that is indescribable. We encourage everyone to imagine what it looks like.

Lack of La’eeb Merchandise

Unlike most of the World Cup collectibles and merchandise we have covered before there is a distinct lack of merchandise readily available featuring La’eeb and for the event itself. Even the Official FIFA Store has very few items for the Qatar World Cup other than shirts and footballs. If we look at what was available for the 2014 and 2018 events there were many plush toys, posters, badges, coins, figurines and even a special Monopoly. All of which were readily available.

Laeeb Plush Hat for Qatar World Cup 2022
A plush hat of La’eeb, the official mascot of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

However, within Qatar itself and available from the Museum Network the normal range of memorabilia can be found including pens, key chains, hats, backpacks, hats, toys and figurines can be found.

A mini figurine of La'eeb, the official mascot of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™
A mini figurine of La’eeb, the official mascot of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

La’eeb Keychains

La’eeb Collectables and Merchandise at IN-Q Qatar Museums

Black Arrow has developed a culturally-inspired range of products, featuring more than 270 different lines of merchandise in different categories from Traditional Home Accessories, Gifting, Fashion Accessories, Jewellery, Games & Cheer Gear , with unique ideas developed exclusively for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

Qatar World Cup Merchandise from Black Arrow Gifts and Novelties

Qatar 2022 World Cup Panini Stickers

Football stickers form part of every recent World Cup and no collector should be without the album and at least a few packets. The official Panini 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ sticker collection features stickers dedicated to the 32 qualified federations with 18 players per team. The collection includes Panini Extra Stickers which are player action images in different colours: base, bronze, silver and gold. There is a section dedicated to the Timeline of the FIFA World Cup™, the Road to FIFA Word Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA World Cup Records, and Stadiums.

Panini Qatar World Cup Stickers
Panini Qatar World Cup Stickers

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