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Ceramiques de Cornouaille – a modern Quimper factory

The traditional Quimper faience pottery has been created in the Brittany region since the late 17th century and the tradition continues today with the Henriot Quimper factory. Another factory located in Quimper, Ceramiques de Cornouaille, is also continuing the proud tradition of pottery creation in the region.


The Ceramiques de Cornouaille was founded in 1998 by Xavier Dutertre and still mainly produce a personalised traditional Breton bowl which sells very well to the local and tourist markets.

However, it is the companies new modern designs based on traditional designs and costumes which have caught our eye. These include the Costume designs by Joëlle Josselin, and the VLGM and Pays Ocean designs by Charles Cambier.

Ceramiques de Cornouaille Costume Design by Joëlle Josselin

Costume Design by Joëlle Josselin

These decorations are creations of the painter Joëlle Josselin of the Relecq Kerhuon near Brest, specialist of the costumes paintings of Brittany she created a special range adapted to the porcelain and gave a touch of modernity to these decorations. A very personal style, a dynamic painting that represents very well the modernity of our Brittany, imbued with its tradition. A logic well adapted to the Ceramics of Cornouaille.

The colourful designs have a modern approach to the traditional Breton costumes.

quimper costume design by Joëlle Josselin

Pays Ocean Design by Charles Gambier
Le pays, on connaît tous, c’est ici bien sur, mais l’océan c’est plus loin, c’est ailleurs, l’un n’allant jamais sans l’autre ! (“The country, we all know, it is here of course, but the ocean is further, it is elsewhere, the one never going without the other!”)

VLGM Design by Charles Gambier

vlgm by charles gambier

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