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Board Game Reprints

You may find that you have a copy of a board game that sounds familiar, but the game itself and the artwork may look dated and different from the versions you have seen more recently.

From time to time even modern hobby board games get to the age where they are reprinted. New artwork may be added, extra gameplay or player counts added or maybe even changed with a whole new theme altogether.

When this happens the value of the original versions of the board game can rocket in value as copies can become rare and sought after.

Martin Wallace is a renowned British board game designer and his board games are quite famous for getting reprinted and updated. The values of his first editions can increase whenever word gets out that he will be bringing out a new edition of a previous game.

His collaborations for theme are of fine pedigree, from Neil Gaiman’s work to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld!

I own this very game as it was one of the first games my partner bought for me when we started getting into the modern board gaming hobby.

This game was picked up for a mere £30. You will now see it listed at a higher value, for sale online for over £100. Purely because it is not produced any more. The game itself is out there, but was re themed in London as Nanty Narking.

I won’t be selling my copy of Discworld Ankh Morpork any time as we love the game. However I will be looking to pick up a copy of Nanty Narking as it does look like a good re skin and you can pick it up for around £60.

Another fine example of reprinted games is War of the Ring. A battle between the Fellowship and the dark forces of Sauron through Middle Earth, trying to gain possession of The One Ring. A very popular second edition of the game is available and first editions are available, but not as highly sought after.

One edition of the game is the Collectors’ Edition.
Limited to only 1500 copies in the world and printed in English and German, this edition has exclusive 3D painted figures and structures and is encompassed in a huge wooden case.

There is currently a special edition of this game listed on eBay for $3,900 (around £2,750) making this a HUGE outlay for any collector.

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