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The Conan Books from Gnome Press Price Guide

The Conan stories were written by Robert E. Howard and first appeared in the magazine Weird Tales, first appearing in 1932. The stories did not appear in book format until The Gnome Press editions published from 1950 to 1957. They were the first hardcover collection of Howard’s Conan stories, including all the original Howard material known to exist at the time, some left unpublished in his lifetime. We take a look at this collection, along with some auction prices.

the conan books from gnome press by robert e howard
The Conan Books From Gnome Press By Robert E Howard. This set sold for $1,440 / £1,200 on ebay, June 2022.

With the exception of Tales of Conan, which jumped around to offer random episodes from various stages in the protagonist’s career, Gnome’s volumes were structured to display the stories in order of their internal chronology while not being published in the order of prior publications. L. Sprague de Camp completed or altered some of the stories in two of the later volumes (The Coming of Conan and King Conan), and he also adapted non-Conan Howard pieces as Conan tales for another (Tales of Conan).

conan the conqueror gnome press 1950 robert e howard
A very fine copy of Conan The Conqueror from Gnome Press 1950 by Robert E. Howard. Sold for $400 / £328, July 2022.

The first Conan tale written by someone other than Howard, The Return of Conan,  namely Björn Nyberg, appeared in the final book of the Gnome edition, which was revised by de Camp.

The Coming of Conan from Gnome Press 1950 by Robert E. Howard
The Coming of Conan from Gnome Press 1950 by Robert E. Howard. Sold for £110 on ebay, June 2022.

There were seven books in the Gnome Press  series of hardback books: Conan the Conqueror (also known as The Hour of the Dragon; 1950); The Sword of Conan (1952); The Coming of Conan (1953); King Conan (1953); Conan the Barbarian (1954); Tales of Conan (1955; originally non-Conan Howard stories rewritten as Conan stories by L. Sprague de Camp) and The Return of Conan (1957; by Björn Nyberg and L. Sprague de Camp).

A near fine copy of King Conan from Gnome Press 1953 by Robert E. Howard. Sold for £140 on ebay, June 2022.

The Conan Books from Gnome Press Price Guide

Conan books first editions from Gnome Press
A set of seven First Edition First Printing Conan books by Robert E. Howard published by Gnome Press. Sold for $3,000 on ebay, October 2018.

As with all books, collectors are looking for very fine editions with dust jackets. Prices for for First Editions First Printings. A good copy of each book is estimated at $110 / £100 with very fine copies upward to $400 / £330. In the current mark serious collectors would pay a premium for near mint copies if any were to come to market. We include some realised auction prices.

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