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Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 information and price guide

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In 1976, Corgi Toys introduced a fantastic playset that captured the hearts of children and Tarzan fans alike – the Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36. With a total of 22 pieces, this incredible set transported kids to the heart of the jungle, allowing them to embark on exciting adventures with Tarzan, Jane, and a host of other characters and animals. This is a set that a lot of children dreamed of having and the same children dream of having now they are adults. We take a look at the set and include some prices of sold items.

Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 unopened in a near mint condition with very good box
Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 unopened in a near mint condition with very good box. Sold for £720 at Lacy Scott & Knight, February 2023.

The Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 featured a variety of play elements that made it a must-have for any child or collector:

Jungle Land Rover: A detailed and rugged vehicle for traversing the dangerous jungle terrain.
Animal Trailer: A trailer to transport wild animals safely during jungle expeditions.
Inflatable Dinghy on Trailer: An essential accessory for navigating jungle rivers and lakes.
Tree House: A beautifully crafted treehouse that served as the perfect hideout for Tarzan and his friends.
Figures: The set included Tarzan, Jane, Boy, Cheetah, an additional Tarzan swinging figure, and a white hunter figure, bringing the beloved characters to life.
Animals: An assortment of animals like an elephant, lion, crocodile, and snake added to the jungle atmosphere.
Swinging Vines: Three swinging vines for Tarzan and his friends to swing on, just like in the stories.
Jungle Panorama: A 3-D jungle panorama, which provided a stunning backdrop for the adventures.

Reverse of box for Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 showing Jungle Panorama
Reverse of box for Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 showing Jungle Panorama

It came in a beautifully designed box, with the reverse featuring instructions on how to create the 3-D Jungle Panorama. Assembling the panorama and setting up the various pieces allowed children to immerse themselves in the world of Tarzan, experiencing the thrill of the jungle firsthand.

Tarzan Panorama
Tarzan Panorama with contents set out

The Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 remains a cherished collector’s item for both Tarzan enthusiasts and vintage toy collectors. With its delightful mix of characters, vehicles, animals, and accessories, it is a testament to the timeless appeal of the Tarzan story and the quality of Corgi Toys. Today, the Tarzan Corgi Gift Set 36 is a very collectable and sought after set, with fine and near mint examples selling for over £700.

A Corgi Toys Gift Set 36 Tarzan Set
Tarzan Set, comprising Jungle Land Rover, Trailer, Dinghy on Trailer, Tree House, Tarzan, Jane, Boy, Cheetah (Chimp), Hunter, Elephant, Lion, Crocodile, Snake, Vines, Panorama, in original box, E, contents sealed within plastic, box G. Sold for £340 at Specialist Auction Services, October 2019.

There is also a market for loose items from the set. We have seen individual animals and figures selling for over £10 each.

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