St Pauls Cathedral Crested China

Crested China were a popular souvenir in the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. They were typically bought on holidays or day-trips especially from seaside locations, cities and tourist centres. There were a number of factories producing crested china including Arcadian who produced this great model of St Pauls Cathedral which has the City of London crest. Similar models can be found by other factories, with other crests and in smaller sizes.

St Pauls Cathedral Crested China by ARCADIAN Price Guide / Value Guide

Crested china became a popular collectible in the mid 20th century and prices increased, but the current market is weak and prices have fallen considerably. The St Pauls Cathedral Crested China piece by Arcadian should cost about £20/$28 in perfect condition. I have seen old price guides with similar pieces at over £100.

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