Spitting Image Pet Hates Toys information and price guide

Spitting Image Pet Hates toys setThe Spitting Image Pet Hates toys were launched in the mid 1980s and were based on the caricatures of a number of political figures of the time. There were of six Spitting Image Pet Hates toys in the set and included Margaret Thatcher, Neil Kinnock, David Owen (with David Steele in his pocket), Ronald Reagan, George Bush (and Oliver North) and Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Spitting Image Pet Hates toys are probably the only set of dog toys that have become collectable and prices do vary on condition. Mint in packet and near mint versions are valued at about £15-£20 each. I would probably steer clear of chewed toys. For satirists and collectors of  political memorabilia they are certainly of interest for any collection.

Even now over 30 years later the caricatures still have a relevance and the show is still mentioned as part of the reason the SDP failed with David Steel in the pocket of David Owen. The Margaret Thatcher toy will still send shivers down your pet’s spine.

I think if the Spitting Image show was going now it would be having a great time with all the political characters and events of modern times.

Spitting Image Pet Hates Toys price guide
Margaret Thatcher – Near Mint £12-£15 Mint in Packet £20
Neil Kinnock – Near Mint £12-£15 Mint in Packet £20
David Owen (with David Steele in his pocket) – Near Mint £12-£15 Mint in Packet £20
Ronald Reagan – Near Mint £12-£15 Mint in Packet £20
George Bush (and Oliver North) – Near Mint £12-£15 Mint in Packet £20
Mikhail Gorbachev – Near Mint £12-£15 Mint in Packet £20

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