Shelley Harmony Ware information and price guide


Shelley have produced many colourful and notable including the 1930s Shelley Harmony Ware. The streaked, dripped design in bright colours proved very popular and was produced in large quantities in a variety of different shapes. The design was created by Shelley’s lead designer Eric Slater in 1932 and was discovered by accident when Eric Slater found that after mixing too much thinning turpentine on coloured glazes, the paint dripped into random patterns when bands were painted around the flatware.

The Shelley Harmony Ware design can be found on plates, vases of all shapes, biscuit jars, butter dishes, jars of all shapes and more. Different painters used different colours to great effects including oranges, greens, blues and pinks.

Shelley Harmony Ware Price Guide

Although prices are down in the last few years, there is still interest in unusual shapes and more unusual colours. The Shelley Harmony Ware price guide shows a selection of realised prices at auction.



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