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scream comics the creepiest comic ever

Something for Halloween  and comic collectors. We take a look at the British comic Scream!

Scream! was a short lived (well in its own format) British weekly horror comic anthology that was published for 15 issues by IPC Magazines in 1984. It featured a number of horror related strips including: The Dracula File, The Thirteenth Floor, Fiends and Neighbours, A Ghastly Tale, Library of Death and Monster.

scream comic issue 1

Scream! Comic Issue 1 came with FREE Dracula Fangs

The two most popular strips were The Dracula File featuring a vampire hunting in 1980s England written by Gerry Finley-Day and occasionally written by Simon Furman; and The Thirteenth Floor featuring  Max, a crazed computer, in charge of an elevator in a 17-storey apartment building – when someone bad or evil steps inside, Max would take them to The Thirteenth Floor originally written by John Wagner and Alan Grant (under the pseudonym Ian Holland.

scream comic the dracula file

The Dracula File one of Scream! comics most popualr strips

Scream! was cancelled after 15 issues, along with five other IPC titles, in response to an industrial dispute. It subsequently merged with Eagle (#128, 1 September 1984) to form Eagle and Scream! The only strips to make it into Eagle were the series Monster and The Thirteenth Floor were continued. Five Halloween specials were also released from 1985 to 1989, mostly consisting of reprints of horror-themed stories from IPC’s back catalogue.

A selection of Scream! comic covers

Scream! Comic Information and Price Guide

Price guide for comics in very good condition with no major flaws
Issue 1 with FREE Dracula Fangs Gift £60-£80
Issue 2 with FREE Spider Gift £40-£60
Issue 1 with no gift £20-£30
Issue 2 with no gift £15-£25
Issue 3-15 £10-£20

Scream! Holiday Specials £20-£30

Comics in other grades cam vary from a few pounds upwards.

Eagle Comic 128 first issue with Scream! £4-£8

eagle comic 128 first issue with scream

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