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Schuco Pick Pick Bird Information and Price Guide

One of Schuco’s very first toys was the Pick-Pick bird and between the 1920’s and the 1960’s some 20 million were made. The Schuco Pick Pick Bird is probably one of the most famous and iconic wind up clockwork toys not only of Schuco but any toy manufacturer. The Pick Pick bird did not really change much in its forty years of production and models Pre-World War II have a model number 705 and post have a model number 905.

Schuco Pick Pick Bird Model 905 with box
Schuco Pick Pick Bird Model 905 with box. These sold for 50 Euro at Frank Peege, November 2020.

The Schuco Pick Pick Bird when wound up was designed to peck (it is sometimes referred to as a Peck Peck bird) at a piece of food, and it would also hop around. It became a popular toy for children. It can be found in many different colours including variations of browns, reds, yellows and blacks.

two Schuco pick pick birds
Schuco Pick Pick birds showing different colours. This pair in boxes sold for £60 at Adam Partidge Auctioneers, November 2017.

Schuco Pick Pick Bird Price Guide
As the birds were made for many years and in substantial numbers (it is believed about 20 million were produced) they are not rare. There does seem to be much difference in prices of earlier models to later models.

Schuco pick pick bird
Schuco Pick Pick bird in working condition with mohair with small imperfections. Sold for £28 on ebay, March 2022.

Models we have observed sell anywhere from £20/$28 to £80/$100. The variation in prices is down to the condition of the clockwork mechanism, and the condition of the mohair fur.

Schuco Perfume Bottles at auction
Important Collection of Schuco Toys

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