Royal Doulton Subbuteo Football Player Figures

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Royal Doulton Subbuteo Football Player Figures

Royal Doulton issued these Official Subbuteo Merchandise Football Players in 2004. There were 12 different colourways in the collection and a chase 13th model (in the Brazil colours of yellow and blue) available to anyone that purchased the 12 other models. The models celebrate the simple colours and strips of football teams in the 1960s and 1970s and covered most major clubs.

The strip colours were 1. Red & White, 2. Green And White, 3. Black And White, 4. Blue, 5. Gold And Black, 6. Red, 7. Claret And Blue, 8. Blue And White, 9. Red And White, 10. Red Shirt And White Sleeves, 11. White, 12. White And Black and the thirteenth being Yellow And Blue.

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Royal Soulton Subbuteo Football Players Main Set of 12

Each Royal Doulton Subbuteo player was issued in a limited edition of 500 except the Yellow and Blue which was issued in an edition size of 125. The models measure 5 inches tall and shows the player on the classic Subbuteo base.

Royal Doulton Subbuteo Football Player Figures Price Guide / Valuation Guide

Models 1-12 in box. £80-£100
Model 13 in box (Brazil Yellow and Blue) £150-£250

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