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HeroQuest Game System Price Guide

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heroquest game system by milton bradley
HeroQuest Game System Price Guide – In 1989 a new board game system was born in ‘A game of high adventure in a world of magic’.

That game was Hero Quest. Published by Milton Bradley Games before being taken over by Hasbro.

It was a worldwide hit and still has fans today who reminisce and play.

HeroQuest was Milton Bradley’s approach to a Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure game. One player acts as game master, revealing the maze-like dungeon piecemeal as the players wander. Up to four other players take on a character (wizard, elf, dwarf, or barbarian) and venture forth into dungeons on fantasy quests. Plastic miniatures and 3-D furniture make this game very approachable.

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HeroQuest Game System Price Guide

In todays market a pre owned and played copy of the game can sell for around £80 to £100, depending on the condition.

However, if you have an elusive sealed copy of the game, this can command upwards of £450 to £500.
The edition pictured actually sold for $899.99 (approximately £648.99) on ebay in May 2021.

HeroQuest expansions were also released for this system and these themselves are also extremely collectable.

Again it’s worth checking your attic and store cupboards to see if you have one.

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