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Beswick Susie Jamaica Model 1347

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Beswick Susie Jamaica

beswick susie jamaica
Beswick have made some wonderful figurines and Susie Jamaica is no exception. The figurine is modelled as a lady riding a donkey laden with fruit and baskets on a grass and rocky base. The Beswick Susie Jamaica is modelled by Graham Orwell in 1954 and the piece was in production till 1975. The base bears the words Susie Jamaica.

As with most figurines the prices have come down from earlier highs. In the late 1990s the piece was selling for £200-£300 and now a perfect example of Beswick Susie Jamaica is selling for £60-£100.

Beswick Susie Jamaica Model 1347 Price Guide / Value Guide
£60 – £100 / $80 – $140

Beswick Jamaica Susie at auction

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