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Beswick Puma on Rock Model 1702

The Beswick Puma on Rock is one of my favourite Beswick pieces. The piece which has a Model No 1702 is sometime referred to as Panther on Rock or Lion on Rock. It features a magnificent snarling puma cat standing atop grey rock with it’s front left forepaw outstretched ready for action.

The puma was modelled by one of Beswick’s greatest designers Arthur Gredington.

Beswick Puma on Rock Tawny

It was produced from 1962 to 1975 and came in two colours Tawny and Black, as well as gloss and matte variations.

There is a similar version on the piece with a Model No 1823.

Beswick Puma on Rock Model 1702 Price Guide / Value Guide

Black version in excellent condition £30-£50 / $45-$70
Tawny version in excellent condition £30-£50 / $45-$70

Arthur Gredington and Beswick

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