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Beswick Little Likeables information and price guide

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The Beswick Little Likeables range, issued from 1985-1987, was a series of eight simple animal figurines, mainly in white with touches of colour. The Little Likeables collection were created by talented designers Diane Griffiths and Robert Tabbenor, each designing four figurines. We take a look at some of the figures from the Little Likeables collection and include a price guide.

Beswick Little Likeables collection of 8 figurines
Beswick Little Likeables collection of 8 figurines. This complete set of 8 sold for £38 at Rogers Jones & Co, October 2018.

A Closer Look at the Collection

Spanning just two years of issue, each figure in the series captured a unique sentiment:

  • LL1 Family Gathering: A tender moment of a mother hen with her two chicks, crafted by Diane Griffiths.
  • LL2 Watching the World Go By: A contemplative frog, taking in its surroundings, designed by Robert Tabbenor.
  • LL3 Hide and Sleep: A mother pig with her two lively piglets, a creation of Robert Tabbenor.
  • LL4 My Pony: The grace and beauty of a pony, brought to life by Diane Griffiths. There is definitely a hint of My Little Pony here.
  • LL5 On Top of the World: An ambitious elephant, perhaps dreaming big, a masterpiece by Diane Griffiths.
  • LL6 Treat Me Gently: A delicate fawn, encapsulating innocence, crafted by Diane Griffiths.
  • LL7 Out at Last: A duckling’s first foray into the world, emerging from its shell, the genius of Robert Tabbenor.
  • LL8 Cat Chorus: Two cats in harmonious concert, another beloved creation by Robert Tabbenor.

The duo, Diane Griffiths and Robert Tabbenor, brought their individualistic styles and visions to the series. Robert Tabbenor simple modelling for this range is far removed from his later designed prestige pieces for Royal Doulton and a large number of character jugs. His later designs included William Shakespeare HN3633, Leonardo Da Vinci HN4939 and the Geoffrey Chaucer D7029 character jug.

Price Guide

Although only available for a couple of years the series pieces can still be easily found. Model from the collection are priced at £10-£20 / $10-$30 each. Going back to 2006 we can see figures selling for £40/$50 each so as with most collectables a marked decrease.

The Beswick Characters of David Hand’s Animaland

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