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Action Man Bullet Man Price Guide

action man bullet man and contents
The Action Man Bullet Man

The Action Man Bullet Man is one of the rarer Action Man figures. Bullet Man was released in 1977 and was one of three released in a series, and as can be seen on the box was ‘ A Member of the Action Man Team ‘ (the other two were Tom Stone and Atomic Man).

Bullet Man had silver chrome arms which in his back story were made of steel, as was his bullet shaped helmet. He wore red plastic boots (there appears to be two versions of the Action Man Bullet Man – one with rocket boots and one with standard boots), a red body suit with a bullet logo on his chest and a black belt.

He also came with a zip wire which could be attached to the back of the belt to make Bullet Man fly.

action man bullet man head and face

A great Action Man figure and as you can see from the visual his head and face are different to the normal Action Man with large painted eyes, big eyebrows and dark moulded hair.

action man bullet man box and figure
Action Man Bullet Man in need of stringing with box

Action Man Bullet Man Price Guide

Definitely a must have for the Action Man collector.
They are often found in need of restringing as the elastic of the time sometimes deteriorates.

A good example without box £100/£200 $140/$280
A good example with box and contents £300/£400 $420/$560