Ghostbusters Afterlife POP! Vinyl Figures

A series of Ghostbusters Afterlife POP! Vinyl Figures are set for release now and at the start of 2022 including a series of figures based on the very mischievous Mini Puft characters. The Ghostbusters Afterlife POP! Vinyl Figures include:  Phoebe (played brilliantly in the film by Mckenna Grace), Lucky, Podcast, Mr Groberson, Muncher, ECTO-1 with Trevor and everyone’s favourite the Mini Puft characters.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Phoebe Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Mini Puft figures include: Mini Puft with Cocktail Umbrella, Mini Puft with lighter, Mini Puft on Fire, Mini Puft with Graham Cracker and Mini Puft in Cappuccino Cup. The Mini Puft characters have also been created in a series of exclusives including for Target, Baskin Robbins, Wal Mart and FYE. Some of these exclusives are already increasing in value.

funko ghostbusters afterlife mini puft pop vinyl figures

By the way we really enjoyed the film. Having seen the trailers I was expecting to be disappointed but I was pleasantly surprised and can definitely recommend. The acting was good, the Mini Puft scenes were classic and the blast from the past will please fans of the original.

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