Warner Bros Collectibles

Warner Bros Collectibles

Taz by Ron Lee
In the last few years Warner Bros has followed the Disney model and
has been producing a range of collectibles based on their fabulous
assortment of characters and movie tie-ins. Characters range from
Bugs Bunny to Scoobie Doo, films from Batman to the Wizard of Oz, and
shows from ER to Friends. Many of the collectibles are produced
by Warner Bros themselves but increasingly outside companies are
producing collectibles for the stores. Disney has been very successful
in creating prized collectibles from a number of top companies such as
Radko Ornaments
Swarovski, Lladro, Lilliput Lane and Armani. Warner Bros has created
a number of pieces including a range of Radko ornaments (new
ornaments of Pepe le Pew, and Ruby Slippers from Wizard of Oz
pictured right), a series
of Steiff toys including Bugs Bunny, Sylvester & Tweety, and a range
of popular figures by artist Ron Lee (new Taz pictured top left).

The number of collectors collecting Warner Bros items is growing
rapidly. Animation art is popular, and others collect cookie jars,
salt & pepper shakers, collectors plates, badges etc. The Warner
Bros stores produce new products continously and the turn over of
items is fast. So many items are only available for a short space of
time. Some of these items can become immediately sort after and
Warner Chairs
collectible. Unusual, limited edition items
and those only available for a limited period have most chance of
becoming collectible. It is often the case people decide they want
Warner Tower
items when they are no longer readily available. In some cases
items that sell extremely poorly for some reason can also become

A Warner Bros Collectors Guild began in 1996 (charter year 1997). Charter members received
an excellent figure of Bugs Bunny and were able to buy some exclusive
members only collectibles. However, after the first year it was decided
to cease with membership fees and make the club free (no joining gift). The Guild
only operated in the US, but it was possible to join from overseas.
The Bugs Bunny figurines is sure to become a must for Warner Bros
collectors. This years collectors piece is Taz. The first Guild
exclusive (1997) was the Director’s Chair Porcelain Surprise Box (pictured left)
and the 1998 Guild exclusive is the Studio Lot Watertower (pictured right).

The Warner Bros web site has a store with the
lastet collectibles.

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