We Are Not Alone. X-Files Collectables

We Are Not Alone. X-Files Collectables

by Joan Glynn

X-Files Comics
The first series of the X-Files quickly developed a cult following and by
series two, the whole world was watching. In the four years since it began
its two stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have become two of the
most famous TV stars on the planet, and the merchandising behind the series
has become a million dollar industry.

As with Star Wars and Star Trek, the items available are varied and cater
to a variety of audiences. As with Star Wars and Star Trek certain objects are
set to become cult collectables. Amazingly, there has been no rush of action
figures of the characters, although these would undoubtedly be a success.
In the coming weeks an X-Files Barbie set is being released and should be
popular to Barbie collectors as well as X-Files enthusiasts. This Barbie
set follows the successful Star Tek Barbie set, and features Barbie as Scully
and Ken as Mulder.

Some items already command high prices, notably the early issues of the X-Files
comics by Topps. Issue 1 was selling for five to six times its cover price
in just a couple of weeks. It had a fairly small print run and caught many collectors
unawares. Dealers also had a field day. The comic can now fetch over $80/£50.
Issue 2 and 3 also had fairly short print runs and have risen in value.
Some X-Files promo comics were given away with magazines and these are particularly
sort after.

Magazines featuring the two stars have been the focus for some collectors and The
Rolling Stone X-Files edition was popular. In the UK, an American TV guide
featuring the couple, which came out the week before and had a cover price of $1.25,
were being sold for £5/$8 at a convention. As with most TV related collectables
there can be distinct price differences in various countries for the same items.

Autographs of the shows various stars vary dramatically in price depending on
which dealer you go to. The best way to get an authentic autograph is to be lucky
enough to go to a convention where some of the shows stars may be appearing.
Autographs with official certificates of authenticity cost more, but then you
should be guaranteed of the genuine article.

Other collectables to appear include clocks, mugs, posters, diaries, key rings,
calendars, tapes and videos. Most of these are nice to have but will never
be worth a great deal. The items that may rise in value are: those items that
appear and disappear before the majority find out about them such as early editions
of the Topps comic; those items that nobody likes so nobody buys so everybody
dumps and then suddenly people want them; the more expensive and limited
edition items.

Anyway, remember The Collectables are Out There!.